Navigating Company Policies: Balancing Professionalism with Approachability

Every organization needs a set of company policies and rules that guide their internal behavior, typically codified into a company handbook. However, creating a handbook is far more complicated than it might initially seem. How do you have set rules and policies governing your corporate environment, without seeming “too corporate” or unfeeling towards your workforce?

It’s a difficult balance to strike, but it’s necessary to maintain both order and morale within your operation. If your policies are too lax, productivity could fall, or you could even break legal regulations. If the rules are too strict, employees could feel stifled and start looking for another workplace.

Here are a few suggestions for crafting well-balanced company policies.Sample of Employee Handbook featuring Company Policies with Happy Employess

Identify The Most Important Policies And Goals

What are the key goals for your business, and which policies are most important in bringing those about? These should be the emphasis of your company policies and handbook. Look at both your own goals, as well as any relevant regulations in your industry.

For example: In food service, customer satisfaction is important – but adhering to food-handling regulations is even more important. Make these distinctions in the handbook, so employees understand the company’s hierarchy of needs.

Your Handbook Is About Culture, Not Just Rules

Corporate culture isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a description of the sort of attitude and experience you want to encourage within your operation. The handbook should be an extension of this. As you outline your policies, be sure to clearly articulate your vision for the business culture, and how the policies will help bring that culture about.

This will help employees understand what’s expected of them as people, and how their behavior will impact the business as a whole.

Clearly Define Monitoring, Reporting, and Enforcement

How are your rules enforced? Be very clear about this, and make sure to enforce the rules equally among your staff. Unequal enforcement of rules typically causes more morale problems than even harsh rules that are applied fairly.

Reinforce With Training

Your company handbook should also outline training policies, with clear instructions on how employees can receive more training and guidance when necessary. This provides resources to your people, as well as encourages them to bring up unusual problems or important questions.

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