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Your company’s ability to drive and retain its top talent often relies on the benefits they are getting. Employee benefits—what the company provides above normal compensation significantly influences if the employee stays with their current employer or accepts a new position. So, managing these benefits efficiently will dictate whether employees stay with the company and how the organization achieves its business goals. Paying attention to your employee benefits administration can help to keep costs minimal while providing a safety net for your employees.

HR teams are typically responsible for benefits administration within a company. However, most companies lose productivity in between:

  • Coming up with benefits programs
  • Advising employees on which benefits they are eligible for
  • Enrolling employees in the benefits programs
  • Tendering and selecting the right benefits vendors
  • Administering the benefits, i.e., disbursement and management

This is all possible with unlimited resources on your side, but the fact is that all these activities can be overwhelming for most internal HR departments. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a company like GO Admin Solutions can offer the reprieve that allows the company to focus on what matters—productivity.

GO Admin Solutions offers top-of-the-line, compliance-assured employee benefits administration services to simplify your payroll administration. Below is our guide on benefits administration systems and how we tailor our benefits administration services to meet your business goals.

What is Benefits Administration?


Benefits administration is a service or software that helps a company’s HR design and manage an employee benefits package to ensure it stays updated. In most cases, benefits administration helps to meet your employee’s needs while staying within your business’s budget.

Flexible, Simple, And Engaging Benefits Administration Services

Employee benefits administration services address employee benefits and a business’s ability to achieve them without going overboard. Professional and optimized employee benefits can help businesses attract and keep top talents. In addition, how you package your employee benefits plays a significant role in employee engagement, which correlates to your business’ productivity.

Therefore, we tailor benefits administration services to your financial and HR needs. GO Admin Solutions focuses on a business’ accounting, finance, and Human Resource functions. We understand the need to provide a robust employee benefits program to help motivate them to be fully engaged.

We also appreciate your need to do so while not hurting your bottom line. Therefore, we help you strategize and manage how you package your employee benefits without stretching your financial capabilities.

Save Time and Minimize Errors

Benefits administration systems typically require a lot of focus and precision. It is easy to make a costly mistake when packaging your employee benefits. We help you avoid the lengthy and hectic process of managing your employee benefits to match your employees’ expectations. In addition, we review every detail with high-level precision to reduce errors likely caused by physical benefits administration.

The Power of Working with GO Admin Solutions


Customer Service and Care

GO Admin provides personalized benefits, administration services, and intentional customer service to serve your most essential needs. Rest assured, we listen to and address your concerns in detail.

Customization and Flexibility

At GO Admin Solutions, we are highly flexible with any changes or variations for your business. Additionally, we customize each solution to meet all your business goals and needs.

Integrated Tools and Services

We partner with our clients to the core and deliver comprehensive benefits administration services. We also integrate high-end tools and services that allow an opportunity for our clients to access innovative solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

Giving “actionable insights” has become a buzzword for anyone coming close to analytics, but it’s more than words with us. GO Admin Solutions prides itself in keeping its customers in the loop. Staying in close contact with your outsourced partners affords you a different perspective of your operations.

Besides giving visibility to your business, turning data into actual information will help align your benefits administration with your business goals. We provide comprehensive reporting, helping you review your employee benefits spending and optimize your benefits administration systems for improvement and business success.

reporting and analytics

Benefits Administration FAQS


Does GO Admin Solutions provide any employee dashboards?

GO Admin Solutions simplifies the benefits administration by working with our brokers to set employees up. From a single intuitive dashboard, users can manage annual enrollment, life events, benefits, and the demands of their dependents’ benefits swiftly and efficiently.

What is the benefit of outsourcing benefits administration?

Aside from saving money, benefits administration outsourcing enables you to provide more complex benefits by utilizing our professional expertise. By outsourcing benefits administration activities, you can concentrate on expanding your company while your HR team concentrates on responsibilities that are closest to your employees, such as staff training and motivation.

There is also an option to report compliance issues regarding the ACA (Affordable Care Act) for health insurance and ERISA audits for retirement plans.

Learn More About Our Benefits Administration Today

Today’s workers demand more from their employers than just a paycheck. Optimizing benefit administrations means prioritizing employee satisfaction and the company’s bottom line. Outsource your benefits administration needs to GO Admin Solutions for effective employee benefits administration.

At GO Admin Solutions, we value your needs for a fully optimized workforce and business accounting. Contact us to schedule a consultation for our benefits administration services today.

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