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An employee handbook or policy guide is integral to educating employees about management’s expectations. The employee handbook also serves as reference documentation in the event of employee disputes. Outsourcing employee handbook service can help you avoid errors while being thorough with your employee expectations.

GO Admin Solutions is an industry-leading employee handbook service provider for businesses and in-house accountants. We can help you design and maintain your handbook and policy matched to your business needs. Contact us to schedule handbook/policy creation and maintenance consultation services.

Ensure Your Handbook is Compliant, Best in Class, and Fits Your Culture

GO Admin helps you create a custom employee handbook featuring expertly crafted business policies and statements. We craft your business policies and statements to align with local, state, and federal employment laws. Our handbooks and policies are vetted by experts who are Certified Professionals with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM -CP).

We craft a unique employee handbook with top-notch content, emphasizing a friendly and approachable tone and easy readability and comprehensibility for your employees. Our employee handbook service experts strive to provide a custom employee handbook suited to your organization’s needs. As such, we conduct intensive interviews to get a clearer and up-close understanding of your organization to help us tailor the handbook and policy to your organization’s culture and needs.

Ensure Your Handbook is Up-to-Date

Our employee handbook service helps you keep your handbook current. Avoid allocating time trying to sift through new regulations to determine the necessary policy changes. Instead, opt to hire our handbook experts, who stay updated with the latest policy changes year after year.  At GO Admin Solutions, we constantly monitor local, state, and federal employment laws to determine minor and major changes. We then regularly check in with our clients to determine business changes and the respective implications. More importantly, we make the necessary, appropriate changes to your handbook based on these changes and their implications. Additionally, we conduct scheduled full reviews and analyses of your current handbook to ensure you remain compliant with updated policies.

Add Professionally Crafted Policies to Your Handbook

Businesses tend to come across legal technicalities and complexities from time to time. Employment law is increasingly becoming complex, with the trend leading towards regional legislation at the municipal and state levels. Employers are constantly at significant risk of their established organization policies and practices being non-compliant due to factors such as equal pay, minimum wage, sick leave, and anti-harassment legislation.  Unfortunately, applying policy updates across different locations adds an extra complexity layer. Our seasoned experts can help you simplify your compliance efforts effectively. We can help you stay updated with professionally crafted new and emerging policies aligned with your goals and needs, whether for a single location or multiple locations. 

Important Policies to Consider

Some of the new and updated policies we help you stay compliant with include:

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Employees are now required to include and exclude policies due to recent regional and state anti-sexual harassment laws. These laws also paved the way for anti-sexual harassment training and employee communication requirements. Owing to the overwhelming nature of these requirements, we can help you with policies and best practices recommendations supporting your commitment to employees’ respect.

Pay Equity and Minimum Wage

A clear employee compensation strategy and documented policies and practices supporting the strategy are increasingly becoming a requirement. We also help you stay compliant with pay equity legislation. With our deep-rooted knowledge of updated pay equity laws, relevant policies, and best practices, we can help you remain compliant. 

Paid Leave, Sick Leave, and PTO

Different cities and states enact complicated sick leave laws requiring intense and keen navigation. At GO Admin Solutions, we help you simplify your sick leave compliance efforts by drafting a policy aligning with different requirements and developing procedures to accommodate sick time accruals and carryover requirements.

Wage and Hour

As an organization, you ought to watch out for missteps regarding hourly compensation for events such as training and travel or when handling deductions for exempt employees. We can help you avoid such risks by aligning your practices and policies with relevant federal, state, and local regulations.

Learn More About Our Handbook and Policy Creation and Maintenance Services Todayhandbook policy and policy creation and maint

GO Admin Solutions is the place to be if you want to purchase employee handbook services for your organizational needs. We understand the technicalities of creating a handbook. We deploy our most valuable resources to help you check your current handbook and policy and ensure it is updated accordingly.  Whether you want handbook creation and maintenance services for single or multiple locations, you can rely on GO Admin Solutions to deliver. Contact us to get started with our handbook and policy creation and maintenance services.

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